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Park Avenue Prince - Louise Bay description


Grace Astor grew up on Park Avenue but she is as far from a Park Avenue Princess as you can get. She is determined to make it on her own. At her galleries first opening, an opening featuring the artwork of her cheating ex, Grace meets the intriguing Sam Shaw.

Sam knows all about losing things that you hold dear. He learned at a young age not to form connections. Sex is sex, and there is nothing after. That is until he lays eyes on Grace Astor. There is just something about her that has him taking risks he has never taken before.

As these two embark on a love affair can Grace's love overcome Sam's fears? Or will the risk be too big for Sam and have him walking away from her forever?


This was a super romantic little book. Well written. Nicely paced. Semi-Hot sex scenes. Great cast of secondary characters. Cute Epilogue.

I ADORED Grace and Sam as a couple. As well as individuals. Grace was just a lovely heroine. Down to earth and sweet. I think because of the way the book was written her character isn't quite as fleshed out as Sam's. That didn't take away from my enjoyment of her as a narrator, though. I personally wish Grace would have made him grovel a little more near the end, but that just wasn't the type of person she was. Apparently not a grudge holder like me. *lol*

Sam's character had a bit more depth. He was the one with hurts and insecurities shaped by his past. I loved seeing him fall for Grace and struggle at times. Even though his mouth would deny things, his heart knew from the first meeting that Grace was different. I also appreciate that although not a saint we are not bombarded with OW drama or too many details about Sam's past. It made the journey this couple took that much sweeter.

Nothing much else to say. A fabulous way to spend a few hours and it gets two thumbs up from yours truly.