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Vanished - T.K. Leigh description


A year ago Rayne Kilpatrick lost everything. Her fiancee Landon. Her bakery. Her life as she knew it. Now she wants the one responsible to feel the pain of losing everything he holds dear.

Alexander Burnham has everything. A thriving company. A wife he adores and a daughter that means the world to him. That is until the day he finds she has vanished without a trace.

Now Alex must race against the clock to find out who took his daughter before it's too late.


This review is likely to be all over the place because my thoughts after reading this one are all over the place. It was a GOOD book. Well written. It had an interesting plot with twists and turns. It had action. As a standalone thriller (there is NO romance in this one) it worked very well. As part of a series, I am confused on what purpose it really served? Like I said, there is no romance, no relationship angst, no sex. Basically, it is just a thriller featuring the couple from the A Beautiful Mess series. Maybe I missed the bigger picture or something. I don't know. *shrug*

My other issue was this book is LONG. A little too long in my opinion. The first 50% was very interesting. Edge of your seat stuff. Then around halfway through my attention was starting to drift and I was wishing the author would get on with it and pick up the pace a little. In any case, like I said it was a well-written book and worked well as a thriller. Just needed to be a tiny bit shorter in my opinion.