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The Neighborhood - Stylo Fantome description


So I was really looking forward to this book. After how the first one ended my heart ached for Katya and I wanted to see how (as impossible as it seemed) this author would get me to forgive and care about a HEA for either Wulf and/or Liam. Quite frankly halfway through this one I wanted Wulf and Liam to kick Katya to the curb and find themselves someone better....sigh.

I get she was hurt (I would have been too). I get she was mad (again...I would have been too) but being both of those doesn't mean you have to be mean, and heartless, and basically a bitch. What she did to both Liam and Wulf was NO different (IMO) than what they did to her. Oh sure, they KNEW from the get go what she was doing, and some might say they deserved it. I'm not arguing they deserved SOMETHING. But I wanted her to rise above the hurt and anger and be the bigger person. Instead, I got a heroine that descended to their level and acted like a mean spirited child half the time.


I thought maybe the second half of the book we would move forward into a more mature direction for all involved after Katya decided to stop playing games. Alas, all three continued with their juvenile back and forth antics well into very late in the book. I found it all a bit exhausting. On top of that, I ended up really disliking one of the guys. The author made him like a different person in this book. Like a compulsive lying dick and that bummed me out because I really liked him in the previous book. To be honest I am not totally sold on wanting to read his book at all at this point.

That said, I really do love this author's writing and although I was a bit letdown with the second half of this duet it did keep me interested and turning the pages to see where this cluster fuck was heading. So for that alone, the author gets a thumbs up.