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Stealing Christmas - Alexa Riley This one gets a BONUS Star for the awesome cover!


AWESOME cover aside. This one was a miss for me. I feel like I am saying that a lot lately with these shorties, but just because a book is short, or insta, or safe, doesn't mean it shouldn't be held to the same standards of writing, plot, and characterization, as a regular length book. I've read some really awesome novella length books.

The story in this one was just nonexistent for me. The heroine came off as an addled brain giggling teenager. I usually love these authors heroes, but this one was odd to me. He didn't have an ounce of personality. And the weird OW scene was really awkward and served no purpose other then I guess the heroine getting called fat. *shrug*

It's really a shame because some of these super short books have SO much potential to be really awesome books if only they were longer and more time spent fleshing out the stories. Oh well, just my 2 cents.