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Liar Liar - L.A. Cotton description


After a mysterious incident that changed Becca Torrence's life forever. She now finds herself in a new town and a new high school. A fresh start for her and her family. Except instead of friendly smiles, she is greeted with harsh words and taunts.

Desperate to fit in and keep her past a secret Becca slowly changes into a whole new person. Fitting in finally with a group of outcasts and growing closer to the mysterious EVAN, Becca finally feels hopeful.

That is until she overhears a conversation that leaves her reeling and everything she thought she knew as truth has turned into lies.

This book was equal parts AWESOME and FRUSTRATING...


Awesome because it sucked me in from page one. I literally had to force myself to set this aside last night to get some sleep. It is well written. With interesting and well-developed characters. Each one shrouded in a veil of mystery that left me coming up with ALL sorts of conspiracy theories.

Frustrating because by the end I STILL had no answers to ANYTHING. What happened to Becca?? Why did her family have to move? Why does Kendall have it out for Becca?? What is Evan hiding?? SO many questions and not a SINGLE answer!


Look I know this story will continue in book two (out in 2017) and presumably, all our questions will be answered then, but throw us readers a bone at least. Something...ANYTHING! Still, even though I was left wanting to throw my tablet across the room, I will be not so patiently awaiting the next book. So this gets a solid two thumbs up from yours truly.