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The Pawn - Skye Warren description


Avery's life of luxury and privilege is pulled out from under her by the dark and mysterious Gabriel Miller. He's destroyed her father and left them penniless. With her beloved home slipping through her fingers Avery uses the only thing she has of value to save it...her virginity.

One month and she'll have enough money to save her home and care for her father. Just one month...she'll give him her body, but never her heart. Easier said than done when Gabriel shows glimpses of kindness just to rip it away with coldness.

Revenge, deceptions, intrigue, passion...pull up a chair and make your first move because in this game it's winner take all.


Good gravy this book left my stomach in knots. I'm not keen on humiliation in my romance books and this one had that in SPADES. Needless to say, I spent the whole book on edge and slightly nauseous.

That aside I really enjoyed it. I am certain there is more going on with Gabriel then what we were privy to in this installment (yes this end on a cliffy.) And I can't wait to figure out what. Avery was a likable heroine and held her own with Gabriel. I'm hoping in book two we get to see an Avery that kicks ass.

This was well written and laid the groundwork wonderfully for the upcoming conclusion (I assume book two is the conclusion but not 100% sure.) The plot flowed nicely. The sexual tension was delicious. There were twists and turns, and hints of mysteries yet to be revealed. Overall just a totally engaging and entertaining read.