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Christmas with the Sheriff - Victoria  James description


Five years ago Julia Bailey suffered the loss of her husband and young son in a car accident. Needing space and time she left Shadow Creek behind. Now she is back to spend the holidays with her family and friends. When she comes face to face with Sheriff Chase Donovan, her husband's best friend, and the man who helped her all those years ago, sparks fly.

Sheriff Chase Donovan has always loved Julia, but she married his best friend. Now she is back in Big Sky Country and Chase vows he will get Julia to take a chance on him and his daughter. With Christmas fast approaching, and Julia planning to leave again. Can Chase convince Julia to give love a second chance??


This was a bittersweet holiday read for me. My heart broke for Julia and everything she had lost. That said, it was also a very uplifting read. Overcoming pain and tragedy, to find a love worth taking a chance on.

I ADORED Chase, he was just such a sweet guy. The scenes with his daughter will melt your heart. Julia frustrated me at times. Because Chase was just so sweet and sexy, I wanted her to just stop dilly-dallying and take that leap of faith. Of course her fears stopping her from doing that were legit, so I tried to cut her some slack.

Overall this was a fantastic Holiday read. With great characters (both main and secondary) and it gets two big thumbs up from yours truly.