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Filthy Rich - Raine Miller description


Billionaire Caleb Blackstone is a player. He is successful, rich, and smoking hot. When he sets eyes on Brooke Casterley at a party he knows he will do anything and everything to have her.

Brooke Casterley knows all too well what a powerful man can do. She has the scars to prove it. Moving back home to help her Gram, she just wants to have a quiet life to heal her soul. That's until Caleb Blackstone comes to her rescue.

Can Brooke resist the charm that is Caleb Blackstone? Does she even want to? What could a filthy rich player have in common with a broke British girl?


I really enjoyed this one. It was super sweet. Very insta-love. Low angst. A tiny bit predictable. But I loved the characters (both main and secondary.) Caleb was SO sweet and one look at Brooke was all it took for him to give up his player ways and fall madly in love. Brooke was a sweet heroine. She had been through so much for such a young woman, but she handled it all so well. There is a fabulous cast of secondary characters, from Brooke's Gram to Caleb's siblings and best friend James. They all added an extra layer to the overall story. I can't wait to see what is in store for them.

That said, it did drag a little for me through the middle and I felt like we were left hanging about the heroine's husbands family. The author kept alluding to them being dangerous or potentially coming after the heroine, but nothing ever came of it. I also (as I mentioned above) found it a bit predictable. I saw the big surprise at the end coming from a mile away.

Overall, though, this was a fabulous little read that kept me entertained. So it gets two thumbs up from yours truly.