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Mr. President - Katy Evans description


Matthew Hamilton was handsome, polished, and intelligent. Son of a former president whose life was ended all too soon by an assassin's bullet. Matt knows exactly what kind of sacrifices need to be made in order for him to fulfill his father's legacy.

Charlotte Wells knows all about politics, daughter of a Senator she meets the handsome Matthew Hamilton when she is 11 years old when he accompanies his presidential father to her house for a dinner.

"All I’m thinking is what I’m feeling. How hard my heart is beating. How my breath is coming in faster intervals. How my skin is warm and tingling; how my whole body seems to be holding its breath in sweet anticipation for Matthew to move again, to touch me again, to kiss another part of me."

Eleven years later has Mattew extending Charlotte an offer to join his campaign based on her young girl promise. Determined to make a difference, but unable to fight the attraction that pulls them ever closer together, they embark on a risky affair that could ruin Matt's chances of being Commander In Chief and leave both their hearts in pieces.

I REALLY enjoyed this one a lot. I was unaware that this ended in a cliffhanger, so do be aware of that going in. It was well written. The plot flowed nicely. I'm not a huge lover of politics, but I found that the author wrote it in such a way that I wasn't bored or felt the need to skim.


Both characters were likable. There was AMAZING sexual chemistry between these two (IMO). We don't get to any real sexytimes until halfway through, but the buildup was nicely done. These were some interesting side characters as well. Though they are not overly delved into, they offer a nice backdrop for the H/h's story.

Overall just a really well written read that made me shed a few tears at the end, and I can't wait to see what is in store for Matt and Charlotte in their next book. Two thumbs up from yours truly.