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Pretty Lost Dolls - K.  Webster, Ker Dukey description


Benny finally has his Dirty Doll back home where she belongs, but she isn't the innocent weak child he remembers. Told in three POV (Jade, Dillion, and Benny) we start to get a deeper understanding of what makes Benny tick.

Jade is back in her nightmare, but this time she is going to end Benny and save her sister once and for all. Time may be running out though and with deceptions and twists coming at you from every direction, book two grabs you by the throat and will leave you gasping for breath...


I finished book one and IMMEDIATELY had to start this one. The gritty darkness and suspense continued in this book and kept this reader on the edge of her seat the whole book. This one was BRUTAL, no if, and's or buts about it. I was cringing, and reading with one eye closed a lot of the time. *lol*

In this second book, we are treated to Benny's POV and start to get to see (through flashbacks) what shaped him into the twisted fuck he is today. I'll admit it. These authors managed to make me feel for this guy. We also get Jade's and Dillion's POVs. I continued to enjoy both of these characters. Dillion (as I said in my book one review) is the perfect other half to Jade. And Jade remains her strong and resilient self. If there was ONE thing I do wish we had gotten more of, it would be Macy. I REALLY wanted to know more about what SHE went through when Jade escaped that turned her into what she became.

Overall though this one was just as fantastic as book one. With more twists, and betrayals. An action packed page turner that as a dark romance lover was simply a treat to experience.