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Hands On - Cathryn Fox ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first in a series of three books (I think the next are out in August and September).

Danielle Lang just graduated as a psychologist and needs some money fast, so she took a Summer job teaching Sex Ed to students. Problem is, she has NO sexual experience. Her BFF suggests finding someone to get down and dirty with to help her along. Enter Jake Rider. Football player recovering from Knee surgery.

Sounds good right? I thought so, that's why I requested it. Alas I found it a little bit disappointing. Jack is sexy as hell and I LOVED him. Danielle though was one of those ridiculously cliché virgin heroines that acted like a damn 16 year old. Scratch that, most 16 year olds would act more mature...


“Tell me,” he pushed. “Yes,” she rushed out. “Yes what?” “Yes, I’m wet.” “What’s wet?” “You know,” she practically hissed and gestured downward with a nod, looking everywhere and anywhere but at him. Her lack of eye contact said one thing, but her body language told another story. Hell, she was as easy to read as an open book—which gave him an idea. “Down there,” she bit out, unable to say the word"

"Are we going to go home and you know...do it?"


I mean SERIOUSLY?! I am suppose to believe that a 20 something woman who graduated College as a psychologist can't say the word "VAGINA" or "SEX". How did this woman even get a job teaching Sex-Ed. She's clearly got the maturity of a child. I swear I rolled my eyes SO many times at Danielle's behavior they rolled clear out of my head.


That said. I will probably give the next book a try because I hope (Lord do I hope) that Danielle starts acting like an adult under Jack's tutelage. Plus Jack is sex on a stick, so there's that!