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Pursuit - Lynda Chance Whoa, this book had the two most annoying characters in it I have ever read. Logan was all alpha, but frequently crossed into psycho, and Lauren was just plain fucking annoying bitch. Not to mention NOTHING happened other then them constantly arguing or having sex. I felt not an ounce of passion or love between them. In fact give it a few years and they both will be featured on a DATELINE episode...


Side Note: I'm climbing on my soap box today to rant about something that annoys the FUCK out of me. Constant TIME JUMPS in books. You know what it says to me when I read a book and every other chapter is "2 weeks later" "3 months later" etc etc etc It says LAZY WRITER. It says to me that the author doesn't have enough of a story idea to keep a couple moving forward in real time. Ok, stepping off my soapbox now...