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Lincoln Hospital - Cassia Brightmore So I went into this book totally blind. I didn't read any reviews before hand and really wasn't sure what I was getting myself into.

This very much had a DEXTER (TV SHOW) feel to it. Vigilante DR. killing the degenerates of society that have somehow gotten away or gotten off with their crimes.


My feeling on this one were a little up and down. I LOVED the whole "Dexter" angle. Cian was a huge asshole, but I loved his little murdering ass. Athena was an interesting heroine, as were a lot of the side characters. The plot concerning Cian and his murders was interesting.

My problem comes with the other side story and the romance itself. First the other side story with the serial killers and the kidnapped girls just didn't meld well into the "Cian and Athena" part of the story. They felt like two different stories taking place in the same book.

Also, there wasn't a great deal of romance build up. 95% of the book is Cian going hot and cold for Athea. In fact, at 90% I thought for sure this was going to end on a cliffy, but the Cian and Athena part wrapped up like a bullet train and the "ILY's" were uttered so fast I was left wondering when the hell they had time to fall in love. Never mind the fact he tells her what he does, and she is all "I want to be a part of it to" Say what now?? That seemed WAY out of character for her.

In any case, that was the down part, then that epilogue shot it right back up to the OMG WTF??!! There's obviously going to be a book two, and enjoyed this one enough that I will be picking it up.