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Wink Poppy Midnight - April Genevieve Tucholke First off I want to say that this book has an AWESOME cover. It's what drew me in first. I also loved the names of the three main characters...POPPY - MIDNIGHT - WINK. The writing was lyrical and had an almost mythical quality to it, and the quick 3 POV transitioned moved the story along at a nice pace.

NOW, that being said. I think this book was over my head. I feel like I missed some sort of deeper meaning or message. Because honestly, I have NO frigging clue what this book was suppose to be about.


None of the characters in this book were likable in the least. POPPY was an OTT bitch queen bee. Her and Midnight have a sexual relationship for the past year, well she has been having sex with him and two hanger-ons. Playing them all against each other. Which seemed a bit calculating for a 17 year old. Then you have WINK who is WEIRD and not in the cute and quirky way, but in the "perhaps a physiatrist visit is in order" way. Last but not least you have MIDNIGHT who comes across as a spineless idiot. None of the teenagers in this books speak or act like 16/17 olds. At least not like the ones I am subjected to on a daily basis!


That brings me to the ending. A more frustrating ending I could not imagine. I DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT. The whole thing with the Tarot cards and WINK dieing young?? Say what now?? The fact that the whole book the author had been working towards a romance between WINK and MIDNIGHT just to have MIDNIGHT move to Paris without so much as a GOOD-BYE to WINK. Then WINK apparently going to get with one of the hanger.on boys??!! The whole fairy tale thing??!!

Quite frankly, this whole book made my head hurt, and NOT in a good way...sigh.