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The Erotic Light - Nina Lane At the end of book one I thought we were heading towards a symbiotic relationship between the four main characters. With each meeting a certain need of Lydia's and everyone learning and growing together.

Ya, that's not how it all played out AT ALL. For most of the book Lydia was gone from La Nouvelle Vie and back living under hers parents guard. Kruin was pretty much MIA is this book. Preston crossed the line into batshit crazy, and Gabriel popped in a few times here and there to progress the romance angle between him and Lydia.

The humiliation and degradation wasn't quite so harsh in this one, so it made for a more enjoyable read for me. It was left open ended with Gabriel and Lydia getting away from Preston and her family to start a new life. So HFN There is is also a little surprise for Preston at the end, so I assume there is going to be a book three.

I really enjoyed this one. Like book one I ate it up and was excited to see how things were going to play out for all four of these characters. I'm definitely on board for book three.