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The Erotic Dark - Nina Lane This is going to be a hard book for me to review. On one hand I ate it up with a spoon, and then licked it clean. On the other hand it was WAY out of my comfort zone in terms of kink. I don't like humiliation as a kink. It is a hard limit for me and ties my stomach into a thousand knots.

Humiliation and dubious consent is basically what this book is about. Sure Lydia "TECHNICALLY" had a choice, but let's be honest here, the options Preston gives her are not really choices at all. The things that Preston and Kruin do to Lydia are mean and debasing and I didn't like either of them throughout the whole book. Gabriel on the other hand I loved and then the author had to go and have Lydia see him banging away with an OW at the party Now there wasn't a committed relationship between the four of them, and had it been Preston or Kruin it probably wouldn't have been an issue. But Lydia and Gabriel had an almost caring relationship. So I didn't like it.

Like I said, this is a hard one for me to review. The book itself kept me engaged. The characters were interesting, if not wholly likable. I mean these are people hiding out because they are criminals. I found it erotic as hell even with the majority of the encounters being of the humiliation type. I also plan on reading the sequel...So I guess I'll give it 3.5 "UNCOMFORTABLE" stars.