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Bullied - K.L. Donn This is one of those books that I REALLY REALLY liked, while at the same time REALLY REALLY didn't like. Let me explain...

Landon...LOVED him. Insta-alpha-love at it's best. I adored this dude. He was hot as fuck and sweet as hell. Although, we never did find out if he had tattoos or not. What was up with that??

Cecilia...I liked her. I got her. I was bullied horribly growing up and through school, so I empathize with her on that front. I didn't think the whole "insta-love" thing worked with her. She was FAR too damaged to do what she did with Logan a 32 year old billionaire public figure.

The above leads me to another issue I had. I think this would have worked far better if Logan had been a fellow college student. I just didn't find his infatuation with college student virgin Cecilia to be realistic AT ALL. Now, I am not saying I need realism, hell I read Jordan Silver and love this very scenario, but here it just didn't work for me. I think part of the problem was this book was just too short to really have a plot that supported the story the author wanted us to believe.

Lastly, Ashley and company were WAY too OTT with their bullying. It was so ridiculous that I thought at one point they may tie Cecilia to a railroad track and stand around twirling their mustaches. It simply was not believable in the slightest. I have a sneaking suspicion because of Ashley's apparent 180 degree turn around we hear about briefly in the epilogue that we are going to be subjected to her crazy psycho ass as a heroine in a future book.

So, as you can see I loved Logan and I loved the insta-love aspect, but the rest fell way short for me. If this had been longer and perhaps there was more time to develop feelings and plot, It would have probably garnered a higher rating from me.