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Mr and Mrs (An Alexa Riley Promises Book 1) - Alexa Riley, Perfect Pear Creative, Aquila Editing This was a super sweet read.

Really Alexa Riley can do no wrong in my eyes. I can pretty much guarantee I will love anything she puts out. I know I am going to get a sexy as hell ALPHA. I know I am not going to have to worry about cheating, or OW sex scenes. They would be PERFECT if only they were a bit longer. ;)

I really enjoyed the angst in this one. I like some angst in my romance novels, unfortunately most of the time lately that angst comes from the hero cheating, or having sex with OW after a misunderstanding. In this one though I knew that would never happen, so I fully embraced the angst and loved it.

I loved the epilogue in this one also. I love epilogues that span several years and include babies. So overall another great read from this author.