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Intent - A.D. Justice WOW...this book was SO good!

This was one of my favorite types of romance book. The characters although faced with issues acted in a mature fashion instead of overly dramatic teenagers. No push or pull or running away. They actually COMMUNICATED, fancy that huh? River was ADORABLE, I just love kids in romance books, especially when they come connected to hot, sweet and honest single fathers. Nothing sexier than that. On top of all that goodness, we get a fabulous epilogue that had me crying like a baby!

Thank you Nicole for enlightening us on this book. I am SO glad I didn't give it a pass.


Side Note: The cover of this book does NOT represent this book at all. It's downright odd if you ask me! It makes no difference to the story one way or the other, but it does give a wrong impression about the hero IMO.