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14 Days to Die - A.B. Whelan This was how I was feeling about this book right up to the beginning of the end...


98% of this book was a 5 star read for me. I enjoyed Sarah's inner musings, they made me snicker out loud on more than one occasion. The stuff she did to Mike was nasty, but funny. The plot flowed nicely and kept me turning the pages. Then we got to the ending and I was left underwhelmed. It seemed rushed and confusing. With something thrown in about one of the characters that left me perplexed as to why it was even included considering the outcome of said character.

I was also confused about the flowers/chocolates in Mike's car. The policewoman tells Sarah they were for the mistress, but the mistress's brother tells his sister (the mistress) that Mike was going back to his wife and kids and the flowers were for the wife. So which was it?? I also think that there were a few things that could have been more fleshed out. Sarah and Mike's background for example. The the hitman and his sister.

Overall I really enjoyed this one, but it loses a star for the less than impressive ending.