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She’s Too Young - Jessa Kane I really wanted to like this one. I really did. I mean it has an OTT alpha, hot sex, but OMG the heroine was annoying. She acted like a child. Of course she is only 17 in this book, but she acted like a brat 99% of the time. I wanted someone to smack the ever-loving-hell out of her! I didn't believe for ONE SECOND that a 30 year old MAN , who owns a company, a billionaire, would give this CHILD a second of his time once she opened her mouth.

Then there was this little diddy...

"I’ve got a little secret for you, Veda.” I press my mouth against her ear, need blanketing my brain like a dense fog. “Your daddy probably wanted it, too.” She gasps and I know I’m a bastard, know I should stop, but we’re wrapped up in lust in the dark interior of the limousine and in that moment, nothing feels off limits or forbidden. Nothing. And when she clenches around my dick so hard, I almost drain myself, I have a feeling she’s got some darkness in her, too. Darkness I crave. I want her to come to me for it when she needs a fix. “He probably couldn’t help it, Veda. Couldn’t stop picturing all the ways you’ve filled out over the years. Or maybe that one time he peeked through your closed bedroom door and caught a glimpse of such coveted pussy.” She’s soaked now, her breath rasping out and I know she’ll climax any second, right along with me. “He hated himself for thinking of you at that crucial moment while he jerked himself raw in the shower, biting his tongue so you wouldn’t hear.” “I did hear,” she pants"