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Keeping His Promise

Keeping His Promise - Rhyannon Byrd Geez Louise did Natalie ruin this frigging book. She wasn't just a garden variety bitch, but a supreme someone should punch her in the face bitch.


This poor hero deserved someone SO much better then Natalie. He kept throwing out lines like the following...

“I will earn your trust, sweetheart. I will fucking work for it till I bleed.”

Nice right? Except he didn't do a DAMN THING that required him to earn her trust!! Natalie was one of those pathetic heroines that should have got professional help YEARS ago. The poor delicate flower saw her daddy banging the babysitter and now every man on Earth is a cheater. GROW THE FUCK UP NATALIE

So here is my salute to you Bitch who doesn't deserve a guy like Sean...