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Sergei - Roxie Rivera For the most part I really enjoy this series. Still, none of these have quite measured up to how much I liked IVAN.


I adored Sergei. I mean who wouldn't? A seven foot tall monster with a Russian accent. I'd climb him like a tree! That being said, the whole incident with the crazy ex where he doesn't bother to defend Bianca, and even gets on her case for being mean to the crazy ex, was an EPIC douche move. THEN, they go home and he starts telling her how she should really be eating better and being more healthy. Are you fucking kidding me??!! Bianca on the other hand was an OK heroine. I never really warmed up to her all that much. She annoyed me for some reason. I can't really pinpoint why...


I could have done without all the stupid OW shit. I didn't really need to know that Sergei banged two of the waitresses at Nikolai's club at the same time, and for fuck's sake WHY does no one feel the need to fire that stupid bitch of a waitress that is always messing with the heroines of these books?

Geez louise, drop kick the bitch already!!