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Sand Angel - Mackenzie McKade I enjoyed this book for the most part.

I actually found Drew to be the more likable of the two characters. I felt he groveled enough, in fact by the end I pretty much wanted him to drop kick Zoe again. He did a runner, and I felt bad for Zoe, but to me she acted like a spoiled child. Wanting him to choose her instead of his career was pretty juvenile to me. Plus he wrote letters begging her to forgive him and that he wanted to come home and marry her. It was her choice not to bother to read those letters. If she had acted like an adult, and read them they wouldn't have been separated for three years. She also came across as a spoiled brat with the whole adrenaline junkie thing she had going. Not caring about her brother or her parents. I get I was suppose to feel bad for her, but I just didn't. They both made choices, and hers were just as bad as his.

Wow, typing that all out, I realize I REALLY didn't like Zoe at all! *lol*


Overall though this was a decent read.