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Mine - M. Caspian First half 1 Star -- Second half 4 Star

OK, so I REALLY don't know how to rate this book. The first half made me uncomfortable as hell, and the second half was HOT as hell.


So we have Noah whose best friend is Jesse (I think that was his name), and Logan who is Jesse's father. Jesse & Logan live next door to Noah and his mom. My problem with the first half of the book is that Noah is underage, like really underage. It starts off when he is 11, and he knows he is gay, and he kind of pervs on Logan.

Logan never makes any pedo moves on Noah, but you read about him going over to watch movies with Logan, and cuddling and other things, that wouldn't necessarily be bad if we didn't know through Noah's POV that he wants Logan in a not so platonic way. He even hacks Logan's computer to search his porn history and signs up to the same site, and he is still under 18! This kind of stuff goes on until he turns 17, and puts the moves on Logan. Logan rejects him that time and the story progresses.

Eventually in the second half of the book the mom decides to take a job in another state and Jesse suggests Noah moves in with Logan, well you can see where this is headed. They start a hot as hell, sort of daddy/boy relationship, and live HEA.

The thing is, as hot as I found the second half of the book, I was still slightly disturbed by the whole premise. Had the two just meet, the 18/40 age thing wouldn't had bothered me, or the BDSM relationship, but we have Logan who has watched Noah grow up! I don't know, it was just all a little...uncomfortable. Oh, and I almost forgot, at the end of the book Jesse walks in on Noah and Logan going at it in the kitchen, and stands there watching in interest...ummm.