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A Needful Heart - J.M. Madden 3.5 Stars

This book made me cry like a baby...


It also made me seriously want to give Matt a hug! He was such a sweet hero, but I will admit that the whole "Eeyore" thing got to be a bit much sometimes. He was also a TAD bit stalkerish. Which normally doesn't bother me, but four years of stalking seems a TAD bit troublesome!


In any case, I liked Gina, and the plot flowed nicely and kept me interested. I loved that there was no OW drama, and he wasn't a man-whore. The book needed an epilogue. The author does have a short five months later one on her website, but I would have liked one that went farther into the future, with kids, and Gabe etc.

Still overall an enjoyable read. I'll be sure to check out other books by this author.