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You: A Novel

You: A Novel - Caroline Kepnes 6+ Stars!!

WOW WOW WOW I LOVED this book was SO MUCH!!


From page one I was sucked into this story. It's told in a second person narrative which took a bit of getting use to, but worked really for this novel.

Joe, deliciously twisted and disturbed Joe, meets the wholey unlikable Beck in his bookstore one day, and the infatuation begins.


What follows is a fabulously twisted, and dark commentary on today's society. The ease in which someone can stalk another through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I have to admit, even though I KNEW the dangers of putting EVERYTHING out there, when you are seeing it through the eyes of a stalker, well, let's just say it makes you think twice.


I not really sure what this says about me, but I LOVED Joe. I was routing for him through the whole book. Routing for him to do what, I don't know. Get the girl? Kill the girl?? I didn't matter, Joe's voice was just that compelling, his character just that intriguing. Alas, that can't be said for ANY of the other characters. They all come across as spoiled, self absorbed assholes. Which is pretty much the point I think. Perhaps a reflection of today's 20-something generation. And that ending, WOW...


In any case, this is right up on top of my favorite reads so far this year!