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Let the Dead Sleep - Heather Graham So this turned out to be a pretty excellent read!

Danni Cafferty's father Angus has died and left her his antiques shop on Royal Street. In that shop he has left a special book that he tells her she needs to read.


Enter Michael Quinn, a former cop who earlier in life died on the operating table and has come back slightly enhanced. He needs Danni's help to track down a statue bust that is causing people to kill or commit suicide.

Danni's father never shared with her what his "real" job was. Basically he hunted down objects and artifacts that he then cleansed and keep safe in his shop. So pretty much like the TV show Warehouse 13.


Danni and Michael don't start off on the greatest of foots, but soon an attraction builds and Danni finds herself learning more about what her father did, and taking his place.

This is another one that takes place in New Orleans, and I really like how this author adds in history, and detailed descriptions of places. It's full of twists and turns and interesting characters. I didn't find the romance to be as forced in this one, but I didn't like the way it was left at the end of the book. I'm a HEA lover, and this was more of a HFN, but since there are two more books in the series I am hoping for more of a declaration of "yes we are a couple" in the other books. Really though, the romance aspect of these books take a backseat to the mystery angle.