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These Vicious Masks - Kelly Zekas, Tarun Shanker I ran across this book the other day and just knew I was going to pick it up! First, because that cover is awesome, and second because it is billed as...

Jane Austen meets X-Men

So really, I had no choice but ti buy it!

This was a thoroughly delightful read! The plot was engaging and kept me interested. The characters, both main, and secondary were well written, and intriguing. Evelyn was funny, and feisty. Sebastian was broody, and mysterious. Nicholas was charming and also mysterious.

This book is set in 1882 London, and Rose, Evelyn's sister has gone missing. Evelyn leaves home and with the help of Mr. Kent (Nicolas) and Sebastian Braddock, she sets about trying to find out what happened to her. Of course during all this she discovers she and others around her have these secret supernatural powers.

Overall I really enjoyed this one. My only small complaint was the ending. I assume that there will be a book two, but I was hoping for more of a resolution with the romance, slight love triangle, plot but I have my fingers crossed I will get that closure in the next book (if there indeed is one)

Just read this is going to be a trilogy!!