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Landslide - N.J. Cole This book was SO bad, it was AWESOME! It is nothing but an over the top cheesy daddy kink smutfest of epic proportions. Sex scene after sex scene with a little plot in between. You know those totally cheesy horror movies that are just SO BAD, but you can't stop looking, and by the end you realized that loved every frigging second, ya, that would be this book!

How can you not love a book where the heroine losses her virginity to a cucumber!? That's right folks, she was deflowered by a vegetable!!

"I'd thrust the cucumber into my aching pussy"


The Santa kink.. pure awesomeness!!

"I dressed as Santa, had just performed oral sex on a woman who looked like an angel...all in front of a Christmas tree."

"Babygirl, Santa wants to see you ride my cock!"


How can you not love a book with such greatness!!

I will admit I was concerned for the heroine and thought Max should have taken her to a DR to see about all the liquids that kept flowing out of her body!!


Anyways..as cheesy a smutfest as this was, I still enjoyed the heck out of it. I even squeezed a tear or two out over the ending!