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Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison 4.5 Stars

I loved this book, LOVED it!

Dragos was a sexy and swoon worthy hero that didn't waver for one minute in his love, and protection of the heroine (Pia). He wasn't a manwhore, or an asshole, he didn't push Pia away, or think he wasn't "good enough" for Pia. He was pretty much the gold example of what a romantic lead should be!

Pia was feisty, and funny, and badass, but also sweet and vulnerable. She didn't push Dragos away per se, but she wasn't always 100% on board. It worked though because I as the reader understood why she would have doubts. Best of all she was neither a doormat, nor a virgin!

The side characters were interesting and well written. I didn't have any problems keeping track of who's who and look forward to reading books about each of them. The plot flowed nicely and kept me interested. I didn't feel any need to skim, the sex scenes were hot, and the World building was fascinating.

Overall an awesome read and I look forward to continuing on with the series!