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A Reason to Kill - C.P.  Smith 3.75 stars

Another fabulous read from this author!

This book was a HOOT! I laughed out loud so many times I was getting odd looks from people on the bus! *lol* I gave this one a slightly lower rating then the first for a couple of reasons.

One, the Annie stuff. It was great to see a hero actually treat an ex with a modicum of respect, as apposed to treating them like crap they want to scrape off the bottom of their shoes, or as nameless faceless whores. That being said, I prefer my angst between a couple to come from sources not related to the H/h past hook ups. Also, even though in the first book we have OW drama, the heroine just brushes it off as no big deal. The heroine in this one was a lot more insecure.

Two, I thought book one had hotter sex, to me Jack was a lot more "alpha" then Max. I also thought the mystery was stronger in book one. It was pretty obvious from the get go who the baddie was in this one, so no surprise when all is revealed!

This book though had the edge in humor, Max's mother and her friends, the sex parties, so much funny! *lol* I am really enjoying this author a lot and hope me get to see a book about Shane soon! It seemed like maybe it was hinted upon, so I guess we will see!

Oh well, will you look at that! Can't wait until March!! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26883786-a-reason-to-live