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Bound by Him - Red Garnier This book was just OK for me. A lot of stuff didn't make a lick of sense!

So he takes the blame for her self defense (first this dude is a bazillionaire with connections, he couldn't get a decent lawyer??) and ends up having to go to yuppie jail for three years. So no one tells the heroine, cause, well, there really wasn't a good reason not to tell her. She is a frigging adult in a relationship with another adult, but hey we will all lie to her! Great relationship skills there! SO, off to the yuppie jail he goes, they apparently bring in hookers for the inmates (my kind of jail!!) the hero uses the hookers to send letters to the heroine who thinks he screwed off to somewhere for work. Apparently they figure out he isn't using the hookers for their intended purposes, so no more hookers, hence no more letters for him!! NOW, hold the phone here, he is in yuppie prison, why can't he send letters to people?? I am pretty sure the dredges of society in regular 'ol prisons are aloud to send/receive letters. Isn't that how Charles Manson found his wife?? They got hookers for christ sakes, but NO letters BAD BAD BAD!! *lol*

Seriously, this whole book was a cluster fuck of stupidity!! *lol*