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One Shot - Laurie Roma This book is a bit difficult for me to rate. I liked the story, I LOVED Julian, and I liked the side characters. Who I didn't like was Tara. I get she is suppose to be this badass agent type person, but I found her selfish, whiny, and really always to much in your face. It was like she was the alpha in the relationship, and it really brought my enjoyment down of this story.

I'd also like to make mention of something that took place in this book that really, really, turned me off. At one point Tara misunderstands something Julian has done and burst into his office to yell at him, and at one point punches him in the face! Here's the thing, had the situation been reversed, everyone would be all up in arms about a guy punching a woman, but no one says a peep about her doing it to Julian. Punching someone in the face, especially someone you are suppose to love is abuse regardless of gender.

Maybe I am being picky, but I didn't find it badass, I found it distasteful, and really wished at that point that Julian just dumped her and found someone decent to be with!