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The Bear's True Mate - Elizabeth Monvey This book was just OK. I really would have been better had it been a bit longer. Henry and Ajay meet and realize they are fated mates, but for some reason, which is just so odd to me in a shifter book, the dude decided he was in his 30's and it was time to get married and raise cubs, with a woman, a woman who he knew is not his fated mate??!! WHY??

In anycase, he starts dating Ajay whilst married, the wife confronts Ajay, he's appalled because Henry never told him he married and he runs off. All the above is basically told in a flashback. The book starts a year later and Henry's wife is conveniently dead,and Henry is chasing the hunters. He stumbles upon a lab and there in a cage is poor Ajay.

Of course Ajay wants nothing to do with him because he is a cheater (duh), and because the book is so short he forgive Henry lickidly split, and ends up preggo (the one thing the wife couldn't give Henry! Take that conveniently dead wife!! *lol) because of something the crazy lab lady did to him...the end.