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A Daddy for Valentine's

A Daddy for Valentine's - Haley Monroe description


This was a fantastic little novella. Smokin' Hot. Well written. Likable characters. Not a whole lot of drama. Yummy DADDY kink. I don't know if this is the author's debut book or if she writes under a different pen name as well, but I was really impressed with this one.

"I'll spoil you with kisses and reward you in orgasms. Tell me you want to be Daddy's little whore."

That said, this was going to be a 5 Star read until I got to the end and NO EPILOGUE. I wept people...WEPT. I REALLY wanted an epilogue. The "I LOVE YOU's" were given, but I wanted to see marriage and babies dammit! Maybe we will see this couple again? I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Side Note: I REALLY want to know how old Reed was. We are never told. He's got gray in his hair, and I know he was much older than Jemma's 24 years old. But his actual age is never given. Drove me UP THE WAL. *lol*