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Full Service

Full Service - Penny Wylder Oh man, I did NOT like this one AT all.

First, the hero was a total one-dimensional cardboard cutout. Having NO chapters devoted to his POV really didn't do this book justice because Jet just came across like a creepy wishy-washy loser.

First, he has her testing out sex toys like some creeper, then they have sex and he disappears for 6 weeks. No phone calls nothing. Oh wait that is not 100% true, he DOES turn on the remote controlled vibe to let her know he is thinking about her. You know that is WAY more acceptable than a message or phone call. Then he returns and basically says "I should have tried harder...my bad" and she drops trou for this guy AGAIN?!

Jet was about as alpha as Pee-Wee Herman...sigh.