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Heartbreaker - Stacey Kennedy description


A year ago Joss O’Neil threw caution to the wind and had a smokin hot ONS in the bathroom of a bar. Now that sexy one-nighter is back and standing right in front of her in the form of her new boss Lieutenant Maddox "Heartbreaker" Hunt.

Maddox Hunt never goes back for seconds and it would be insanity to get involved with one of his rookie's. Trouble is Mad just can't stop remembering how it felt to have Joss come apart in his arms.

When the passion they feel for each other can no longer be denied they agree to a sex-only secret affair. But soon lines are being crossed and for Joss that can end in only one way...HEARTBREAK.


I have to say, I enjoyed the HELL out of this one. The writing was fabulous. The plot was well paced and interesting. The sex was SMOKIN' HOT and plentiful. The side characters were interesting (bring on GREY). It even had a very sweet epilogue.

Both main characters were very likable. Joss was a really great heroine. I don't always like heroines that are police officers because authors tend to write them very aggressive and hard, but that wasn't the case here AT ALL. Joss was sweet and knew her mind. She was a sub to Mad's Dom, and I enjoyed that dynamic very much.

Maddox was plain and simply HOT AS F@CK. He has some hangups, but he was always honest and upfront with Joss. These two acted like adults and communicated. Even when the inevitable climax takes place, it's handled very maturely. In fact, it made me love Joss all the more.

Just a fantastic and enjoyable read all around and I cannot wait to see what is going to happen in the next book. Two thumbs up from yours truly.

P.S. That cover...NO WORDS!