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The CEO's Baby - Kyle Autumn description


Well, I have to say that I enjoyed this book WAY more than I did the first one. The writing was MUCH better. The pace moved along nicely. The heroine was much more likable than Shiree. Like a TON more likable (lol). Blake was a great hero. He was an asshole manwhore brought down by one "pixie." There is more angst in this one than the first and it's the type of angst I really like, so that was ALL good as well.


I did get frustrated by the lack of communication between these two at times. I wanted to grab both of them and yell TALK. My other issue was that this is one of those books that start at the present time, then we go back in time to how their relationship began and move forward. I am not a huge fan of that type of thing unless you get back to the present time within a few chapters. Alas, we spend the majority of the book working back up to the present which inevitably made the ending seem rushed. After all the misunderstandings and hurts between these two more time needed to be given to their present situation in my opinion.

Like I said though I really enjoyed this one much more than the first and look forward to seeing what this author has in store for future books (the next one up is F/F so, unfortunately, a pass for me)

Sice Note: This is going to be me stepping onto my soapbox for a few seconds. I HATE when authors have heroines hitting other people (unless they are trying to kidnap them or do bodily harm.) And I REALLY hate when a heroine continues to slap a hero. Why is this OK? If a hero kept slapping a heroine everyone would be all up in arms...but it seems to be an A-OK thing in romanceland lately as I have read more than a few books lately with this in them.

Usually, I don't get too bothered by things like that, and if it had been one time then maybe I would have let it go, but this heroine slapped the hero a few times and it really bothered me. Hence the soapbox comment. Anyway, said my peace...