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Healing the Broken - K.  Street description


I am absolutely amazed that this is this author's debut book. The writing was fantastic.

This is Ryann Sinclair and Cashel Donovan's story. Two people that knew each other when they were teenagers. Both having never forgotten the other. When fate brings these two back together sparks fly and memories of first kisses and friendship all come flooding back. The years apart have left both with scars and with outside forces determined to interfere, can this couple overcome the pain and secrets to get their HEA?


I am not really sure where to start with this review, to be honest. I don't think any words I put here will do justice to how much I enjoyed this book. From beautiful writing to heartbreaking characters to smokin sexy times this book captured my heart.

Cash was an amazing hero. He'd been hurt in the past, but he never let his fear stop him from pursuing a relationship with Ryann. Ryann broke my heart. I wanted to reach into this book and hug her. So much tragedy in her life but I never felt she played the victim. Sure she was weary, and scared, and pushed away. At the same time, I felt both she and Cash actually acted and responded to things like adults (fancy that). This book isn't heavy on secondary characters, but I really enjoyed the little bit of Ryann's BFF that we got to see.

Not much else to say really. Two HUGE thumbs up from yours truly.