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Frederick - Esther E. Schmidt 1 SOMEONE KILL ME stars...

I guess I should have gotten a clue when this book opened with the hero calling the heroine a "CUNT" and a "FUCKING BITCH" and the heroine calling the hero an "ASSHOLE"...



I guess I was supposed to find that endearing and amusing. I did not. Both these characters were unbearably annoying. They gave me a headache with their OTT screechy, and shrilly back and forth dialogue. Not to mention the OTT ridiculousness of the plot.

"Fred rips open a drawer, pulls out one of the knives, and slides it down the front of his pants."
REALLY Fred...REALLY?? And that ladies and gentleman is how Fred lost his balls...LMAO.

I've enjoyed this author's other books, but I don't know WTF happened here, but this one was an EPIC fail in my opinion...