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Meant For You - Lili Valente description

Unfortunately, this one didn't work all that well for me. The writing was fine and it moved along at a nice pace. It was just ALL over the place storywise for me.

I didn't particularly like either Nate nor Addie. I'm usually not overly bothered by people (99% of the time the hero) moving on after a separation, but in this instance, I found it extremely annoying that 18-year-old Nate who claimed he was SOOO in love with 16 years old Addie moved on to have a fabulous career and sleep with a bunch of OW. Meanwhile, Addie loses EVERYTHING. Family, her scholarship, her whole flipping LIFE and ends up this sad doormat of a person. Not to mention I KNEW what her secret was going to turn out to be. I hoped I was mistaken, but nope, same cliché scenario as a million other books.

On top of that I just never bought that Nate LOVED her as much as he claimed he did. Because if he did, one would think he would have tried to find her in the 7 years they were separated. She didn't change her name or was in hiding for heaven's sake.


Going back to this being all over the place storywise, this book could decide if it was a second chance romance or a paranormal romance. The whole scene near the end with the cabin was so bizarre and confusing. It left me rolling my eyes. Lastly, I found the pages and pages of text messages between all the characters distracting and honestly a little tedious to get through.

So as you can see this one just didn't work all that well for me. Maybe you will enjoy it a lot more, so don't let me review sway you too much. ;D

SIDE NOTE: I have a HUGE pet peeve about book covers not matching the hero (or heroine) in the books they are supposed to represent. This is another example where the cover makes you think you are getting one thing and you get another. Nate was in no way, shape, or form a suit wearing hero. That cover screams "billionaire or CEO or businessman."