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Fighting for Phoebe - Jennifer  Ann description

So this book started out a bit rough for me. I didn't like the heroine much. I guess I was supposed to think she was strong? But really she just reeked of desperation to me. Especially when she was practically begging Jace to have sex with her.

That said as the book progressed I started to warm up to her and was getting drawn into the story more and more. The writing was decent and the plot had a nice pace to it. Jace and Phoebe were a likable couple and I was rooting for them. Then came the twist and I went from liking Phoebe to feeling like this...


AND just like that, I was D-O-N-E. Way to ruin any good feelings I had developed for Phoebe. That twist dropped this down a whole star. I really with all my heart wished that Jace would move on with his life and find a good heroine. I'm sorry, but having a bad childhood doesn't excuse you from being a decent human being. Phoebe wasn't strong in my opinion she was WEAK. She was a LIAR. She didn't deserve Jace or a HEA. She deserved to be in jail.