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Russian Gold (Russian Love Book 2) - Holly Bargo This book pissed me off SO badly that I am not even going to bother wasting my time making a star rating graphic. Suffice it to say...I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF THIS BOOK... You might also want to hold on tight because this may very well be the nastiest rant filled review I have ever done. Also, this will be filled with SPOILERS...so be aware.


Somewhere between the first book and this one the author gave Cecily a COMPLETE and TOTAL personality overhaul. I don't even exaggerate. The Cecily of this book was like the evil twin of Cecily from the first book. She had to be the most self-centered, self-absorbed, judgy tw@t-faced b!tch I have EVER read in a book. And that is saying something because I've read A LOT of books.


So I am just going to break it down for you all...

First, we have Pyotr. The hot sexy tatted up enforcer for the Bratva. He loves Cecily with all his heart. He takes care of her. He treats her like gold. He makes her breakfast. He rubs her feet. OK, you get the picture. He is a total SWEETHEART. Pyotr and Cecily have been sexing it up and living together for 6 months...6 MONTHS (keep that in mind)

Moving on to the tw@t-faced b!tch. Cecily just finished her chef school and the Bratva has GIVEN her a restaurant to run and be head chef. As I mentioned she lives with Pyotr. Her BFFs live nearby (the ones she claims are like FAMILY to her in the first book) both are also involved with members of the Bratva.

Cecily is "restless" and not sure she loves Pyotr. One morning after a night of sweaty sex Pyotr gets up and makes her breakfast. They are talking and he mentions (in broken English - SO HOT) that he "loves sinking into her and how beautiful she will look carrying their babies." For some reason this makes the tw@ts head explode and she gets pissed off. She feels like he just wants her for sex and babies because he hasn't asked her to marry him. I dunno you idiot, maybe he hasn't asked because you haven't said "I LOVE YOU" because just 5 MINUTES ago you weren't sure you even loved him...sigh.

Pyotr realizes that he has done something to upset Cecily, but gets called away on business before they can talk. So what does this tw@t do? Does she wait and talk to him like an adult? NOOOO...she packs a bag, leaves him a note, empties her bank account, and MOVES to Texas. Yes, I said MOVES. She doesn't say goodbye to her BFFs, you know the ones she thinks of as family. She leaves the restaurant in a pickle because she was HEAD CHEF and RAN it. She just buys a ticket and moves.


Moving on, of course Pyotr is DEVASTATED, he loves her like crazy and he CRIES <-- CRIES people. And vows to go after her and bring her home. Of course she left her computer so as NOT to be traced but decides to bring her phone. (seriously everyone knows the first thing you ditch is your phone if you don't want to be caught) So Pyotr has the Brava computer genius hack into something to find her (again why they didn't just trace her phone is BEYOND me) He eventual finds her in Austin weeks later (yes it took weeks -- good god)<br/>

So Pyotr goes to Texas where she is living in a DUMP and working at a shitty restaurant. He asks her marry him and come back home. Where she promptly tells him she ain't coming back to Cleveland ever again. She doesn't like the cold <--- YUP, that is her reasoning. And she suddenly HATES the Bratva and everything that Pyotr does for them. So HOLD THE F@CK ON here. She has been with this guy for awhile, living with this guy for 6 months, and NOW all of a sudden she HATES the Bratva?? The same Bratva that saved her BFF ass in the previous book? The same Bratva that ALL her friends are involved with?? The same Bratva that GAVE a fresh just finished school chef her OWN restaurant to run?? Ya, suddenly she is ALL judgmental. <br/>

At this point I was hoping Pyotr would put a bullet in her head and move the fuck on, but nope. He tries to explain to her that one doesn't simply leave the Bratva. He has to buy his way out or be killed. Does she care? NOPE, she just says "well my life is here now" So Pyotr tells her he will go back and try to get out, but if he isn't back in 12 months to move on and find someone to love and have babies with because basically, he will be dead. Does that move the selfish tw@t at all? NOPE, she just basically says "alrighty, see ya"

So they text for 3 months back and forth, all the while Pyotr is fighting in underground cage fights to earn money to buy his way out of the Bratva. Then after one particularly brutal fight, he ends up in a coma. A COMA people. He is in that coma for 4 months. Does the heroine try and call him?? NOOOOO, she just continues her little life and wonders offhandedly why she hasn't heard from him in 4 months. Does she call her BFFs, NOPE.


Finally, after 4 months, her BFF calls and tells her that Pyotr is in a coma. She reluctantly leaves Texas to go to him. While she holds his hand, people give her attitude about her leaving him etc, and she STILL acts all snotty and says to Pyotr.."how in the World did you get involved with these people?" Ahh, these "PEOPLE" are his only family b!tch. These "PEOPLE" are involved with your so-called BFFs. These "PEOPLE" are the ones taking care of his medical bills...God, I HATE this b!tch.

Eventually, he wakes up but is like a baby. He can't talk, swallow, write. He wears a DIAPER. So romantic...sigh. What does Tw@t-Face do? She drags his just out of a coma ass back to Texas, because SHE can't stay longer or she'll lose her OH SO PRECIOUS job. Nevermind the guy just woke from a coma, and all HIS family is in Cleveland..B!tch.

The head of the Bratva finally lets him leave, cause he is basically a vegetable now and they settle in Texas. He gets better, she is still a tw@t. Even at the end when he points out they didn't use a condom (the ONE and ONLY sex scene in the whole damn book) she throws a fit and says "if I am pregnant there goes my career out the window" Of course this breaks his heart A-F@CKING-GAIN.


That's basically the book in a nutshell. I HATED it. Which makes me so sad because book one was awesome. I doubt I will bother with book three at this point. The author has pretty much killed any good feelings I had about this series with this craptastic mess. The only way she could possibly get me back is in book three we find out Cecily suffers a tragic and gruesome death and Pyotr finds a new and AWESOME heroine and makes lots of sweet Bratva babies with her...I won't hold my breath.