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Captivating Nights (Boston Nights, #1)

Captivating Nights (Boston Nights, #1) - Anise Storm description


Encouraged by her best friend, and with her thirtieth birthday approaching, Calista Grant decides to take a long overdue vacation to the Caribbean. There she catches the eyes of two rich and smokin hot bachelors.

Zane Rhodes is a successful architect struggling with the guilt after the loss of someone close to him. Xavier Rivera is a millionaire that owns and runs several clubs and resorts. Intent on stopping his best friend Z from self-destructing, Xavier agrees to help him seduce the delightful Cali.

What starts out as a couple weeks of mutual pleasure, soon turns into more. Can Zane and Xavier overcome their personal demons before they lose Cali forever?


I enjoyed this one, but I didn't LOVE it. For some reason, I just never connected with these three characters on an emotional level. I'm not sure I can really pinpoint exactly why it just never felt like they had more than really good sex between them. Maybe there were too many sex scenes (OMG did I just type that?) and not enough just spending time as a trio together.

Zane is a bit less developed out of the three characters in my opinion. I often felt like he kept himself apart. Which is why I had trouble buying it was him that wasn't willing to let Cali go. My other issue was the relationship between Zane and Xavier (no they are not bi) but I've read A LOT of menage books and the male partners always have a VERY strong bond. These two just didn't have that. Yes, they were friends, but the appeared to have different lives apart from topping the same women occasionally. Which again left me confused on how this menage could possibly work on a more permanent basis.

Lastly, the ending was rather abrupt without an epilogue. This REALLY needed an epilogue because I STILL have NO clue how this relationship is going to work between them? Where are they going to live? What about Xavier's job? What about Zane's job? What about their friends? Families? Too many questions were left unanswered.

The author has let me know that there is going to be a book two and the questions will be answered in that book. With that in mind, be aware this does end in a HFN (sort of cliffy)

All that said, the sex scenes were HOT. The plot was interesting and flowed well. The characters likable. There is certainly a lot of potential here with this author. So 3.5 stars from yours truly.