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Four Real: Ménage and More

Four Real: Ménage and More - Alyssa Turner description


I enjoyed this one, but I didn't LOVE it. The dynamic of the menage just felt off to me for some season. Maybe it was because Marty and Pete are an already established due (so much so they are getting married.) And Tricia and Hill seemed to be a separate couple. I don't think I am explaining it well. They just never melded together as a cohesive menage for me and because of that the whole relationship felt off. With Hill often times feeling like a third wheel.

I also felt it was a bit slow to get to the point. I think if the story were longer and the author had spent more time building a relationship us the readers were privy too, then maybe the menage would have worked better for me. I don't know. Like I said something just felt off to me through the whole book.

That said, the writing was decent. The bones for a potentially awesome story were there. The characters were likable. I just think it needed a bit more fleshing out IMO.