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The F-Word - Sandra Marton description


So let me first start by saying that I really did enjoy this one. The writing was fantastic. It was fun and flowy and moved along at a nice pace. Both characters were likable (for the most part). I loved how the author wrote MATT and his POV. It had a sweet flirty overall mood to it.

So why the 3.5 Stars then? As much as I enjoyed Matt's POV, it is the ONLY POV we get through the entirety of the book. There were SO many times this left me frustrated because I wished we had gotten Bailey's POV. I wanted to know how SHE was feeling. What her thoughts were. In my opinion, this story could have been a 5 star read for me had we gotten even a TINY glimpse into what Bailey was thinking or feeling.


My other issue is really twofold. One, I did not like the thoughts Matt had about Bailey at the beginning of this book. He called her frumpy, and flat chested. He, and I quote "Don't see her as a woman" AND "She's not any kind of distraction for me. How could she be? She's not tall or stacked; she's petite and, well, let's just say she's not at all sexy" AND "She's definitely not my type of woman" Uhh OK, wow, I am already feeling the love. Which brings me to the second thing that I had an issue with. The ending was VERY rushed. One minute Matt is thinking "it was just sex" and the next he is saying "I've loved you for YEARS" Now hold the f@ck on. These two have known (worked together for over six years). Now go ahead and refer back to the above quotes, and let me add that this guy knew NOTHING about Bailey AT ALL. Other than she was a VERY good PA. He NEVER not ONCE in ALL those years asked her anything personal. NOTHING...and now I am supposed to believe he LOVED her for years?? Ya, NO...

Like I said earlier, this had the potential of being a 5 Star read for me. AND even with the issues above, I still found it an enjoyable way to spend a couple hours. So 3.5 Stars from yours truly.