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Savage Savior - Charleigh Rose description


This review is very likely going to be All over the place because I am really in two minds about this book.

If I put my expectations aside, then I enjoyed the book. These authors are great writers and the story (though a little TOO dark IMO for such a short book) sucked me in and kept me reading.


Unfortunately, I DID have expectations after the first two books, and if you are expecting insta-lust and a hero that is all MINE MINE MINE you are going to be sorely disappointed. I did not like Carter much at all. He basically pushes the heroine away for 90% of the book. The heroine wasn't much better either, she basically let this asshole walk ALL over her for the majority of the book.

I also found this book really dark and depressing. The inner thoughts of both the heroine and hero made ME want to jump off a bridge. In my opinion, the book was way too short to do justice to these characters and the darkness that surrounded them.


Now let's tackle that elephant in the book, the threesome Carter had with Cole/Jade in the previous book. I *thought* the purpose given for that was so he could feel more comfortable having sex so he could go after Quinn and because his an ex made some disparaging comments about his performance that messed with his head. Well first off, since Jade is 9 months pregnant in this book and Carter hadn't made a move of Quinn yet, the threesome seemed a little pointless. What about the ex you say?? Ya, she wasn't an ex, she was a ONS AND the heroines bitch cousin that he did while he was drunk and doesn't really hold her in high regard. He seemed to have NO problem being a manwhore before her, so again, I don't believe that he was SO injured by her words he needed to be invited to f@ck Jade. It felt to me that the authors painted themselves into a corner with that threesome and never explained their way out. *shrug* It also (IMO) hung over the entirety of this book. Carter thinks about it. Carter and Cole talk about it. The heroine finds out about it

As you can see I am very much conflicted over this book. As I mentioned, the writing was good. The plot was interesting, but it failed in my expectations. So taking all that into account, 3.5 stars seemed a fair rating.