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Nico: A Mafia Romance (Ruin & Revenge)

Nico: A Mafia Romance (Ruin & Revenge) - Sarah Castille description


Nico Toscani is used to getting what he wants. As one the bosses of Las Vegas he rules with an iron fist. When a woman is brought to him after being caught trying to hack his casino's computer system, Nico knows he wants that delightful little package in his bed. Too bad she the daughter of a rival crime boss.

Mia Cordano doesn't want anything to do with the Mafia or her ruthless father. She is just trying to make her own way as a hacker. When she is caught testing out a casino's security system, she comes face to face with Capo Nico Toscani. Nico turns her on like no one else has. Too bad he is a TOSCANI.

With their families at war, and secrets being hidden, can these two star-crossed lovers find a HEA, or will they be torn apart by betrayal?


This book was everything I LOVE in a good Mafia romance. It was gritty. It had violence. It had despicable excuses for human beings. It had smokin hot sex scenes. It had sexual chemistry coming out the wazoo. It had a sexy as f@ck Capo hero. It had a strong and feisty heroine. It had a plethora of interesting side characters. It was well written and it had a fantastic plot.

Really not a whole lot more I can say about this one other then I LOVED EVERY FRIGGIN MINUTE of it. Do yourself a favor and add this one to your TO READ list TODAY.