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Hit Man - Michele Mannon description


Dogooder Aubrey left her home in America to help build affordable housing for those less fortunate in Mexico. Alas, things didn't turn out quite like Aubrey had hoped and she finds herself at CASA BELLA hoping to meet with Juan Carlos Mendoza about helping to fund her project.

There she meets the sexy and mysterious "DIEGO" They share a night of passion, but soon Aubrey realizes things might not be as they seem at CASA BELLA and Diego may very well be right in the middle of it.

When circumstances force these two on the run together, will the spark that started at CASSA BELLA turn into a full-fledged fire or will it burn itself out leaving devastation in it's wake??


Most of my four stars for this one goes to the story itself. It was a really well written and well-paced book. A lot of action that kept me turning the pages. Unfortunately for the first 60% of the book, I didn't really care for the hero or heroine. I just never felt a connection between them. In fact, I spent the first 60% trying to figure out if Diego was sleeping with the prostitute Diana at the same time as the heroine. For the record "I" felt he wasn't, but it's never really 100% clear. It's been confirmed he DID NOT. So mystery solved!

Aubrey was one of those heroines that was really TSTL. I honestly wondered how she survived to adulthood with her less than stellar decision-making skills. Diego, for the most part, was just an asshole (with a really big dick.)

That said, at 60% when this couple is forced on the run things started to come together better for me. I started to feel the connection and I started to enjoy them as a couple. Oh, Aubrey was still TSTL, and Diego was still being an asshole by leaving Aubrey all the time. But the author managed to get me to warm up to them.

Overall this ended up being a really good read. So two thumbs up from yours truly.